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Upcoming SEEN Programs 


Thursday, October 18, 2018

(Note new date due to National Conference)

"What Does It Mean To Succeed, and How Do We Measure It?" 

presented by Kasandra Vitacca-Mitchell

Kasandra has taken her years of experience working within the traditional school system, at universities, and inside large corporations as an “organizational design and efficiency expert”, as well as the many years she has managed her own insurance and investment practice to deliver messages of Truth about how money REALLY works.

She has a special affinity for women and business owners because, after all, she is both! But, more importantly, because she has first-hand knowledge of what people do to succeed as well as how they sabotage themselves, their joy, and their wealth potential, she wants others to learn so that they can course correct if necessary.

Kasandra launched her speaking practice to bring the broader messages of hope and success to more people. By addressing what it means to be “The Total Business Person,’ by defining how to establish and achieve goals and, more fundamentally, how to change one’s mind so s/he can actually move in the direction of their goals and dreams, Kasandra’s presentations are designed to give the listener tangible take-aways with data-driven research to encourage one to achieve more! 





Thursday, September 13, 2018

"Business Building & Habits Training" 

presented by Mat Shaffer, Habit Performance Strategist & Success Coach

Habitude Warrior Internaitonal and Habitude Warrior Conferences are among the leading authorities in the United States, Canada, and soon to be Australia & the U.K. in developing sales professionals, entrpreneurs, business owners & managers to new levels of personal and professional growth of achievement.

National Trainer & Success Coach Mat Shaffer has been traveling the United Staets sharing stages with top Speakers an Authors from The Secret, Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich Foundation, as well as the Habitude Warrior International Conferences.  Mat's training s very interactive and fast paced, packed with techniques for your team to increase productivity in any industry, in any market!  Allow Mat to help you change your habits adn attitudes to change your life!


Thursday, August 9, 2018

"Retirement: The Beast in The Basement" 

presented by Daphne Jones, The Smart Money Chick

 Daphne uses plain English when speaking about how the lack of financial literacy is hampering women from living their best financial lives. She presents financial concepts made practical, steps her audience can take to avoid common mistakes in protecting and growing their money.


Whether speaking to singles, young families, Gen-Xers facing retirement or retirees looking to leave a legacy,

TheSmartMoneyChick is a resource for women living their best financial life.


Daphne runs TSMChick which specializes in one on one consulting educating women to protect current income, pay less in taxes and limit market risk. As a Licensed Financial Professional she has worked successfully with clients to devise detailed plans to reach their financial goals. She has vast experience across public and private sectors, serving as a Marine Corps Officer and in corporate America.


Daphne received her Bachelor Degree from Texas Southern University and a Master in Business Administration from Keller Graduate School of Management.



Gaylyn DeVine

 Gaylyn DeVine, Owner of TLS Graphics, Inc. South Houstonhas been elected as Treasurer of the board for the Printing Industries of the Gulf Coast where she has served as the Gala Chair and Presenter since 2014. 


TLS Graphics, Inc. is a well-established family owned and operated commercial printing company with offset and digital capabilities, as well as social media support. 

Myrleen P. Knott - Vice President/Co-Owner, Buffalo Flange, Inc. -  Myrleen is serving as the Chair of the Board of The Rose 

 Co-Founder of South East Express Network (SEEN)