Upcoming SEEN Programs 

 Thursday, June 13, 2019

"How To Be The Glue That Holds It All Together" 

presented by Amanda Huff LaChapelle, Owner of LaRegenera


Amanda Huff LaChapelle. is the proud mother of one son and an educator by career. She has received Bachelor and Master degrees in education and various certifications.  

La Regenera, in which the name comes from the French word re`ge`ne`rer, synonymous in English with the words regeneration, restore, and rebuild.

Her objective is to provide strategies and solutions for women, which aid them in rebuilding life, overcoming personal challenges, and promoting them to effective progress for their health and wealth.

"The vision of my business comes from my very own personal and professional struggles along with the stories of so many others in the journey of living. I offer consultation services for Health and Wellness, Balance and Organization, and Credit Advisory." For more information about Amanda and LaRegenera, go to  www.laregenera.com  



Past SEEN Programs 


Thursday, May 9, 2019

"Four Ingredients = A Recipe of Branding Success" 

presented by Marsha Lynn Hudson, Social Media Coach

Marsha Hudson is a writer, photographer and social media coach. Her business is about helping your business. Your success is what it is all about, and helping others is the key to being successful.

As life would have it, Marsha's passions led her to pursue a career in teaching. Today, she is a Professor of English. Not only did she have a love for teaching; she loved taking pictures. Her life consists of two of her passions - teaching and photography. As a writer and a photographer, Marsha gets to do what she loves everyday. She now includes social media expertise to her arsenal of tools for businesses. As she continues to study about the evolving phenomenon of social media, she shares her updated knowledge on social media or blogging each time speaks.

Join Marsha and other business women at the May 9th meeting to hear how social media can help your buiness with the "Recipe of Branding Success"!    



Thursday, April 11, 2019

"ABWA Is More Than A Monthly Meeting" 

presented by Ann Strouhal, MBA, PHR, SHRM-CP, Strouhal & Associates, LLC


Ann Strouhal, owner of Strouhal & Associates, LLC, is a certified Human Resources consultant who partners with business owners and executives to provide customized solutions for their HR infrastructure. She is passionate about guiding, recommending, and implementing practices and procedures that align with the company’s mission and goals while enhancing the company’s bottom line.  Ann earned her BBA from Texas A&M University and her MBA from the University of Houston Clear Lake.  She is also passionate about ABWA, in particular the South East Express Network – it truly is more than a monthly meeting!

Join Ann and other business women at the April 11th meeting to hear of Ann’s journey of ABWA membership and the vast and valuable benefits of membership in ABWA.  The benefits reach far beyond the local league, including an online campus of courses to friendships made across the United States.  Included in her presentation is an actual tour of the ABWA member website, online tools and information, and a “how to register” for the many online courses.



Thursday, March 14, 2019

"Get Up and Speak: The 7 P's to Effective Presentations" 

presented by Jeff Klein - Speaker, Trainer, Author



Jeff Klein is a Speaker and Trainer who has received rave reviews speaking over 600 times, reaching over 15,000 business professionals.

He is the author of 30 Seconds to Success: Generating Referrals with Your Elevator Pitch, and the upcoming Speaking As a Business Strategy: 9 Laws to Business Speaking Success. Following successful careers in Advertising, Marketing, and Production, Jeff’s individual and group programs assist professionals, who are responsible for generating revenue, to create great opportunities to sell. 

He continues to speak to trade associations, sales organizations, national conventions, and business groups. Come join us to learn the 7 P’s to Effective Presentations. 



Thursday, February 14, 2019

"To Be Your Best, You Have to Put Yourself FIRST!" 

presented by Susan Luna, Luna Light MFR Center


Susan Luna is a physical therapist with over 20 years’ experience who now specializes in a treatment called John Barnes Myofascial Release.  This information session will tell you what makes this treatment completely different than all other forms of therapy and how many women have been able to be cured of chronic pain, fibromyalgia, tightness, scar tissue, and women’s health issues with this gentle yet effective treatment.  

Susan is the only PT who is an expert in this technique in the Houston area and treats patients who come from all over the state to be free of fascial pain.  Come join us to learn more.  


Thursday, January 10, 2019

"7 Deadly Sins of Sales" 

presented by Leigh Brown, Realtor, CEO, Best Selling Author


 Leigh is a successful REALTOR®, forward-thinking CEO, and #1 best-selling author. She runs one of the top real estate teams in the country, she is a kickin’ keynote speaker and loves everything baseball.   Leigh’s successful first book, bestseller Outrageous Authenticity™, paved the path to writing her second book, The 7 Deadly Sins of Sales™ which instantly became an Amazon #1 bestseller! You may also catch Leigh (and her friends that she chats with) on her podcast: Crazy Sh*t in Real Estate.

She is known for being a sassy Southern woman who is extremely popular for her no-holds-barred approach to motivation. She is currently one of the sales industry’s most sought-after speakers and her inspirational speeches have allowed her to travel all over the United States and the globe – from Miami to Dubai!



Thursday, November 8, 2018

"How to Make a Great First Impression" 

presented by Christian Graffagnino, Infinite Image Consulting


Christian resides in Friendswood, Texas.  She is married, has 2 sons, and has a real love for helping others to be well dressed.  She received a degree in Business Management from the University of Houston at Clear Lake and worked for NASA in planning and logistics with the space suits! 

She has been in and around the fashion industry since the late 90's and loves helping people to be well dressed. In fact, her tag line is "Less stressed is better dressed". She founded Infinite Image Consulting and offers a range of services for your personal styling needs, including customized packages in closet and wardrobe editing, personal shopping, styling, and business and corporate training sessions. Christian also features Premier Designs jewelry to help you create a polished, pulled-together look from every day to the runway to help create your visual resume.

So, if you are new to the working world, re-entering the workforce outside the home, or just need help in where to start with a good "closet cleaning/organizing" project, come hear Christian's guidance - and be "less stressed & better dressed"!


Thursday, October 18, 2018

(Note new date due to National Conference)

"What Does It Mean To Succeed, and How Do We Measure It?" 

presented by Kasandra Vitacca-Mitchell

Kasandra has taken her years of experience working within the traditional school system, at universities, and inside large corporations as an “organizational design and efficiency expert”, as well as the many years she has managed her own insurance and investment practice to deliver messages of Truth about how money REALLY works.

She has a special affinity for women and business owners because, after all, she is both! But, more importantly, because she has first-hand knowledge of what people do to succeed as well as how they sabotage themselves, their joy, and their wealth potential, she wants others to learn so that they can course correct if necessary.

Kasandra launched her speaking practice to bring the broader messages of hope and success to more people. By addressing what it means to be “The Total Business Person,’ by defining how to establish and achieve goals and, more fundamentally, how to change one’s mind so s/he can actually move in the direction of their goals and dreams, Kasandra’s presentations are designed to give the listener tangible take-aways with data-driven research to encourage one to achieve more! 





Thursday, September 13, 2018

"Business Building & Habits Training" 

presented by Mat Shaffer, Habit Performance Strategist & Success Coach

Habitude Warrior Internaitonal and Habitude Warrior Conferences are among the leading authorities in the United States, Canada, and soon to be Australia & the U.K. in developing sales professionals, entrpreneurs, business owners & managers to new levels of personal and professional growth of achievement.

National Trainer & Success Coach Mat Shaffer has been traveling the United Staets sharing stages with top Speakers an Authors from The Secret, Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich Foundation, as well as the Habitude Warrior International Conferences.  Mat's training s very interactive and fast paced, packed with techniques for your team to increase productivity in any industry, in any market!  Allow Mat to help you change your habits adn attitudes to change your life!


Thursday, August 9, 2018

"Retirement: The Beast in The Basement" 

presented by Daphne Jones, The Smart Money Chick

 Daphne uses plain English when speaking about how the lack of financial literacy is hampering women from living their best financial lives. She presents financial concepts made practical, steps her audience can take to avoid common mistakes in protecting and growing their money.


Whether speaking to singles, young families, Gen-Xers facing retirement or retirees looking to leave a legacy,

TheSmartMoneyChick is a resource for women living their best financial life.


Daphne runs TSMChick which specializes in one on one consulting educating women to protect current income, pay less in taxes and limit market risk. As a Licensed Financial Professional she has worked successfully with clients to devise detailed plans to reach their financial goals. She has vast experience across public and private sectors, serving as a Marine Corps Officer and in corporate America.


Daphne received her Bachelor Degree from Texas Southern University and a Master in Business Administration from Keller Graduate School of Management.